August 22, 2013

2 New #DiorRob Pictures

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The director Romain Gavras just said you would have crashed the BMW while shooting. 
what? We agreed he wouldn’t say anything! And I didn’t even total the car.. 

 What happened? 
I was supposed to drive along a six meter long (ca. 19,5 feet) stripe of sand 100km/h (ca. 60 mp/h) while at the same time, the waves came in, and I just slipped. After that the car, the models, and I drowned in mud full of algae. 

 Did you confess that to your dad? 
Because of the models? No, why? 

 I thought you father dealt with oldtimers. 
Oh, shit, that’s right. I had hoped the BMW wouldn’t be considered old. By the way, after the first Twilight movie, I drove the same model in black. The car didn’t cost more than 1000 bucks - it didn’t make it very long but it’s considered a classic today. Thank God, dad is retired by now.

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