August 29, 2013

New Gorgeous #Dior Pictures & New Interview of Rob in Gala Magazine (Germany) + Translation


Translate by @RPattz_KrisStew 

Just snapshots have emerged on which Robert Pattinson rumknutscht with the beautiful model Camille Rowe . Times it hangs on Rob's lips while he holds her head , sometimes she leans her bare legs against the bathtub in which it lies.
Okay, the scenes are from the ad campaign for the new fragrance , " Dior Homme" - but as a spectator you can feel : the two may smell good. We spoke to the new Mr. Dior about women , his desire to argue over and maleness .

They are not only a movie star, but now also a model. What do you feel at this point in your life right now?
I am 27 , and for the first time I realize that I am no longer a child and I will no longer perceived as such by others. It's funny to feel grown up now . People walk differently to me . For many in my age the last ten years have been a transition period , and some still look where they want to go in life.
At least I 'll do it

What exactly do you mean?
I just try with my friend to write a screenplay . I like to share myself with others who do the puzzle on my script. And to argue !

You have often said in recent times that they appreciate people who " live by their own rules." The pursuit of it?
In any case ! If you are successful , you will be suspicious of others . You spend a lot of time trying to protect his privacy .
When I meet people who do not care what others think about them, I find that fascinating!

So you're very freedom-loving ...
Yes ! The more familiar I get, the more my personal life is limited. And the faster judged me. it is held for the role that you play, with which the people want to identify .
But I want to artistic freedom. When I " The Rover " shot in Australia, I had no teeth , had to play in the dirt , but I did not care . I 'm running around all day with no shirt and did things that I would otherwise never be able to do .

What does masculinity mean to you?
The well-known image of men has changed a lot in recent years and no longer works today . There are strange times to be a man. I've always thought about it very pragmatic, but masculinity is today so much different things .
Especially in the area artistical men must all be the same : neat and wild , caring, and easily done!

Men nowadays have another image of women ?
I do not understand why many guys are intimidated by strong women like that. I have always felt very comfortable around women , I grew up with two older sisters and a very domineering mother .

Memories are associated with smells. how is yours ?
When I was twelve and started on holiday , to be interested in girls , I thought that perfume helps me to act mature and adult . I eingedieselt me properly and felt older. Eau de cologne and hair gel - these were my best friends in the summer !

And today?
I like scents still , especially the smell of humans. It's really crazy, this pheromone thing. We depend subconsciously so often with people from which we can smell good.

Perfume they wear in order to feel better - or to deceive ?
Now it is an adult thing : who wears a nice scent in the evening , which also has what before . So it is with me anyway ..

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