August 29, 2013

New Robert Pattinson's Interview with The Figaro (France) + New BTS & Rob Pics

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And one picture slightly different from the one we already know, and an other one in better quality:

Translation by Pattinson Art Work

If his upcoming love story is like the hypersexy advertising campaign he is the face of - a tribute to the New Wave french cinema, broadcast for the first time on TV on Sunday evening, September 1st - it will definitly be passionate. On screen, Robert Pattinsonseems to devour the sublime FrancoAméricaine Camille Rowe Pourcheresse. "When everyone was watching the footage of the kissing scene, I was alreday embarrassed. And suddenly, Camille exclaims: "Oh lala!" I looked at her and I asked: "Are you kidding me?". I thought the English people were saying "Oh lala" only to parody the French people. I never imagined thatthe French say it for real. Then I realized I wish I had a French girlfriend, with all those clichés,"Pattinson whispers in front of a coffee at Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. This new campaign is crucial for Christian Dior Parfums, whose objective is an international success - which means, annual salesreaching at least 300 million euros - of the Dior Homme fragrance. "This perfume carries multiple readings, it's a fragrance with a thousand faces," said François Demachy, the creator of this manly and sensual mix, a male iris mixed with leather, wood, amberand spices. In this clip in black and white, in high-speed, however intimate, Pattinson, the quiet English, several times named "the sexiest man in the world," seems madly in love with Pourcheresse. We see him in a rundown house of the Bronx, in New York, stretched out in a cast iron bath, he tends a cigarette to Camille who puts on a tank top on her underwear. They are two lovers on the run. He embodies the fantasy of the ultrasensuel guy, and she, the french beauty with a sulky charm. 

French Icons 

From one end to the other, the film spread an euphoric atmosphere: the couple invited themself to a wedding on the top floor of anArt Deco skyscraper, they travel in a BMW convertible of a huge beach... "The first day of shooting was difficult. I was driving a BMW over 100 km/h, because the sand was soft. Finally, I found myself in the water ... with a camera inside the car! SaysPattinson, laughing. Fortunately, the folks at Dior were very understanding." Like a true son of Albion, Robert may be a multimillionaire, he remains very thrifty, especially when it comes to buy his own cars. "The first model I bought was a BMW 325i,when I learned to drive in California. It was at the time of the release of Twilight. I bought it on the Internet, from an actor. Of course, I tried to haggle. Then he showed me the screen of his laptop and said, "Hey, look, you're number three onIMDB (website dedicated to cinema)" But I still insisted on to pay $1000 and not 1200," says the sensitive ex-vampire. Since, the man didn't become extravagant, far from it. Despite his three successes at the box office, which brought in $1.17 billion for the studios these past three years, he gets around Hollywood in a pickup Silverado of $1,500, bought also on the Web. "I love pick-ups, you can carry lots of people and no one dares to approach me too closely. Sometimes paparazzi chase me. With a nice car they could block me. But when they see my Silverado, they know that I can run into them!", he laughs. And further: "It may seem odd, but I hate being photographed and followed. So I'm only going where I know it won't happen, even if i'm limited to five places in L.A.", says Pattinson, the evening of the ad presentation that was at the Chateau Marmont, where about twenty of pretty girls wore out the carpet, trying to catch his eye. 

"A very rock'n'roll idea" 

After a few digressions, Pattinson returns to his passions of the moment: the French girls. "They are amazing. When you arrive in Paris, it's obvious. I think that Paris and New York are the two cities in the world where women are much more beautiful than elsewhere. They are more confident, about their personality, but also their body. They are elegant and have a natural grace." says Pattinson with enthusiam. His favorite masculine icons are French, too: "Belmondo was very important for me when I was a kid and I love the way Jean-Luc Godard wears his sunglasses," he said before admitting he has just torn a picture of the Swiss filmmaker in a magazine to ask a stylist to find him the same. Pattinson had refused several big advertising campaigns. If he accepted the Dior Homme campaign who might report more than $10 million, it was only if he could choose the Director, Romain Gavras, best known for his controversial videos for bands like M.I.A. Furthermore, he appreciates the brand chose him as their new face and accepted the photographer Nan Goldin, and admits that his collaboration with Dior is part of a strategy to redefine his image as an actor. In each scene, Robert Pattinson is dressed and perfumed, of course, by Dior Homme. "The scent alone does not exist. It comes to life on the skin of a person. Such as clothing", says François Demachy. All of the filming took place in New York, from Far Rockaway Beach, up to the roofs of Tudor City, passing through the kitchens and the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria. The Soundtrack is the famous Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin, the band attended a special screening of the ad before allowing the use of the song. "We are extremely proud that Led Zeppelin has allowed us to use their music. They had never done an ad before, says Claude Martinez enthusiastically, CEO of Parfums Christian Dior. The result is both powerful and intimate, very different from the conventional ads. The scenario has neither a beginning nor an end, it is more a matter of sensation of the moment, a very rock'n'roll idea. This will give a new life to Dior Homme", he adds. Knowing that Parfums Christian Dior represents about two-thirds of sales of the Beauty and Fragrance division, it is indeed a key advertising campaign for the brand.

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