September 12, 2013

'Maps To The Stars' Update - New Official Still (No Rob) + In Post Production And More

- From eOne's TIFF 2013 Line UP (screenings and market). No new info there, just sets the movie as "Post Production" and a new still - unfortunatelly no Rob. (the other first two official stills of the movie were posted here)

- Cronenberg talked about 'Maps to the Stars' a few weeks ago during a press conference for 'The Cronenberg Project' at TIFF. We tweeted about it, but here's the video. He talks about MTTS at 0:59:55 and 1:04:40

- Olivia Williams talked a little about the movie, Rob and Cronenberg HERE. She also talked about the movie to Telegraph UK:

Recently, she’s also spent an afternoon on a Canadian beach with this week’s Review cover star Jeff Bridges (for the dark fantasy adventure Seventh Son) and sounds as if she’s had a whale of a time playing the Hollywood mother of a “really objectionable child star” in David Cronenberg’s new satire, Maps to the Stars.  
“You look at the oeuvre and you think what a weirdy, creepy bloke he must be. Nicest man in the world! The set was sort of a Zen monastery with a bit of humour thrown in. My part’s quite small, but I can’t wait to see it.” Leading me to the door, Williams offers a handshake, and gamely heads back into the studio for her next pummelling.


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