September 27, 2013

Rob Still On 'Queen Of The Desert'?

TA: Moving the post to the top - new update thanks to Bernie Leinfelder that works with Werner Herzog. 

According to her, Rob is still attached to the movie

Original post from September 7th

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, 'Queen of the Desert' producer Cassian Elwes talked about the current status of the movie. THR mentioned in one of questions of the Q&A that Naomi Watts and Rob were no longer attached to the project and Elwes commented about the casting issues. Here's that part of the Q&A
With Naomi Watts and Robert Pattinson dropping out of Werner Herzog’s Gertrude Bell biopic Queen of the Desert, is the project dead?
It’s been in casting hell, but we feel like we are coming out of it now. I think we’re close to making an announcement.

ETA: An update directly from Cassian Elwes via his twitter account

ETA2: According to Deadline, Nicole Kidman is in talks to replace Naomi Watts, but Rob still stars in the movie.

In the past few months there have been many reports about the film. In August, director Werner Herzog talked about coordinating the actors' schedules being difficult (posted here), but didn't mention Rob and Naomi leaving the project.

We'll wait for that "announcement" to know more and keep you updated.

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