September 27, 2013

Sils Maria: New photo of Kristen, Juliette Binoche and Olivier Assayas on the Set

A new photo of Kristen along with Juliette Binoche, Olivier Assayas and Suzie (childhood friend Kristen) on the set of Sils Maria in Switzerland was revealed through a TV report of the Tagesanzeiger.

You can view the TV report by clicking HERE .

Summary TV report:

The sommelier was a set, they repeated the same scene 18 times.

Nadine 12 years old, big fan of Kristen Stewart, has realized his dream as figurante. She is very proud of her photos with her and her autographed photo with personal attention. She said it was a unique experience that will not soon forget. She even touched. When the reporter asked him how it was touching Kristen, she said, 'Great!'. & You are sure it is not a vampire? 'And she replied' 'Yes ​​definitely'.

The shooting was top secret and all the extras had to promise total confidentiality. The shooting took place in the living room during the night, from 23h to 7am. The hardest part was trying to stay awake, because it was very tiring.

The owner of the Hotel Felix Dietrich was surprised that Hollywood stars do not adopt attitudes diva. They were actually more than normal and modest, but very professional. They were concentrated during the shooting and were not kidding. On the other hand, they laughed and danced during their free time.

We expect the premiere of the film at Cannes in 2014.

source: tagesanzeiger | via @Mel452 

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