September 03, 2013

The World Reacts to #DiorRob Campiagn

"Robert Pattinson Austria" has a few really great interview snippets that have some great magazines etc., brought out summarized .. We want to show you here.

Also we are looking for Robert that he has now made ​​something great with Dior on the legs. Has experienced the fact that he is now not a little kid anymore, as he put it so well in some interviews. And he has made ​​it a great experience.

As he put it so beautifully: "I ​​never thought that one so actors must in advertising shots, but would have thought it is just like that."

Have posted the best quotes from each article, but as always, if you wish to read in full you can click on each hyperlink.
“After what feels like months of teasers, Robert Pattinson’s long-awaited Dior Homme advert has finally been unveiled in full. And was it worth the wait? It’s a resounding yes from us.” Harpers Bazaar 
…”he is back on our hot list” Herald Sun, Australia 
“Robert Pattinson’s Dior Homme video has finally arrived – and it was WELL worth the wait.” Marie Clare UK 
“..we’d forgotten just how drop-dead sexy Pattinson is. This black and white video, complete with a Led Zeppelin soundtrack and plenty of romping on the dance floor/bed/bathtub, is working wonders to remind us.” Huffington Post 
“Robert Pattinson’s full on, full Dior Homme advert touched down yesterday and it’s incredible.” The Inquisitr 
“Robert Pattinson’s full length Dior Homme debut advert has finally been released after months of teasing and it’s as sexy as was promised.”Entertainment Wise 
“If you think Robert Pattinson is one of the sexiest people in the world, then this is for you. If you don’t, then watch it anyway – it may just change your mind…”
“Let’s not beat around the bush here, Robert Pattinson is SERIOUSLY hot stuff.” Closer UK 
“Robert Pattinson goes from boy to man for Dior Homme.” Never Undressed 
“Robert Pattinson fans, consider yourselves warned because this video is about as hot as it gets.”… 
“Dior just released the video campaign for Dior Homme this season, starring the Twilight actor, and the black-and-white cinematic beauty is absolutely breathtaking.” 
“He’s surely never looked better than in this commercial— his smoldering glares in his perfectly-tailored coats on rooftops are enough to stop someone dead in their tracks.” - E! 
“… it’s better and hotter than we could have ever imagined.”
Edward Cullen has officially left the building!” - My Fashion Life 
“Maybe it’s because we’re Harry Potter fans who eschewed Twilight mania entirely, but we never quite got bitten by the Rob Pattinson bug – to us, he’s always been poor, sweet Cedric Diggory who got killed by Voldemort in Book / Movie 4. But that was before we watched his new ad for Dior Homme – now, as far as we’re concerned, Robert Pattinson has arrived! 
… with that soundtrack (Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love), that gorgeous black and white editing (courtesy director Romain Gavras) and that jawline (courtesy Rob Pattinson), we’d still be all over it. 
… We love you Rob! JossBox

via RPAustria 
There are a multitude of other sites that have pretty much rehashed most of the comments above, but the resounding consensus is “Rob is HOT, Rob is SEXY & so worth the wait”
Yes, yes he is.
Welcome to the beautiful world of Rob people :D
We’ll update this post with any further reactions that come through.
I include myself now just to ..
and so I wish you a great day :) no matter where you come from.

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