October 29, 2013

German Twilight Marathon 2013 #GermanTwilightmarathon #GermanTwilighters

Hey fans & friends ..

the German Twilighters || Stewart & Pattinson Support have come to a great idea .. and that is exactly 1 year after the last part of "The Twilight Saga" they call on all fans to join the Twilight marathon ..

No matter where you now live in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa .. no matter where .. makes but with ..

since there are different time zones then yes, just take your time .. not paid attention to the German time :) 

Here is more info : 
First.. why Sunday November, 17th? On 11/17/2012 , exactly a year ago, there was the Twilight Quintet with all five films in German cinemas. So a nice occasion to repeat it exactly a year later. Also, Sunday is always handy for relaxation and lounging on the couch at home. 

The schedule is as follows:

  • Start about 10:00 clock with Twilight ( 122 min) until about 12:05 clock
  • Break
  • About 12:15 clock : New Moon (131 min) until about 14:30 clock
  • Big Break
  • About 15:10 clock Eclipse (124 min) until about 17:20 clock
  • Break
  • About 17:30 clock Breaking Dawn Part 1 ( 117 min) until about 19:30 clock
  • Big Break
  • About 20:15 clock Breaking Dawn Part 2 ( 115 min ) to about 22.15 clock
Of course everyone is free if he participates fully or only partly the marathon . Just as everyone likes and has time. It is also up to you whether you watched the movies in English or German . Who has not been to all five films are currently in the closet, can be from 11 November yes specify the complete Twilight Box ( we reported).

We would be happy if very many German Twilighters would participate in the marathon and at the same time we delve into the wonderful world saga . The Tweeps (Twitter people ) among you , the hashtag #GermanTwilightmarathon and #GermanTwilighters can use that day happy and tweet about the event . We 'll keep you posted here on Facebook of course with pictures, etc. up to date.
Learn German so that as many Twilight fans of the action and thus get a chance to participate, we would appreciate if you share the post or inviting your friends to the event group. 

Of course we will also report on the action via our Twitter account @Stewy_Flippy

As far as once.. we are really looking forward to the November 17th! 

* Twilight Forever *

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