October 18, 2013

Robert Pattinson and Harley Pasternak - it is force!

Samuel Harley Pasternak (born August 6, 1974) Canadian-American personal trainer, motivational speaker, author and television personality. Pasternak is known for his books The Body Reset Diet and The 5-Factor Diet, as well as work with a lot of celebrity clients as a personal trainer. Pasternak's Website

But we are of all of its customers are most interested in one, Robert Pattinson. About him and talk)

Robert began working with Harley, from the first movie of the Twilight saga. "He was unknown at the time, it was a kitschy vampire movie and producers contacted us about the training of the child. He was very sweet, polite and very quiet . And I remember the first time he came, he did not have any equipment for sports. We picked up his shoes and clothes, " laughs Harley, who trains many celebrities such as Megan Fox, Lady Gaga, Amanda Seyfried and Katy Perry .

Since Rob was in fitness training? "He did everything that we said, followed the plan and was very polite. After the film came out and it became a sensation, I thought, 'Oh my God, this is the same guy we trained! "

And here are some quotes Rob Harley to prepare for the film Water for Elephants:
How is the preparation of Robert Pattinson to become even more compelling and dignified women syncope: "We are working with Rob whenever he prepares for the next film, and it happens quite often. We are now working for his new film "Water for Elephants". He's a great client, works hard. Again, he is not a man who grew up playing sports and spending time in the gym, but it's part of the job and the need to look good and feel good about themselves. "

Why diet Harley turned to celebrities: "It requires a minimal amount of time with the greatest number of results, and this is exactly what our customers require. They need to see results, and they do not have a lot of time. Results must also be sustainable." Source

In 2011, Harley Pasternak answered readers' questions CL (though in something that's had a normal job) about classes with Rob 

about how often trains Rob: "He's 5-Factor exercise plan, five different phases of training: the top part of the body, lower body, the various muscles of the abdomen. " According to Harley's training plans, we have to work on each part of the body each day for five days a week, at least 25 minutes a day. And to combine exercise with a 5-factor diet consisting of five healthy meals a day. About Rob's favorite form of exercise: "Like most men, it is the preference of the upper part of the body. Working with dumbbells to work your biceps with dumbbells or lying down for triceps. This Two simple exercises he can do in his trailer or anywhere, for pulling up and gain hands. "

About the least favorite form of exercise: "When it comes to working with his legs, this is what leads to pain in the muscles the next day. So, it feels as if beaten, when we are engaged in the lower part of the body, from jumping to excessive efforts. This is actually not the most winning muscles for men and then they hurt.

About that, if he could have oysters: "Of course, you should eat lean meat, and all that out of the ocean or a lake is good." On his personality: "He's just a very sweet, humble guy who came to train with us I've never heard of him before ... see how great it was ... crazy thing. I went to meet with him in New York, and he had a lot of guards, because people just swarmed around him. He one that does not rely on this crazy celebrity status, he is very low-key guy who likes to do normal things, staying in low key. It's very simple, ordinary guy. " Source

Robert works hard to bring the body into proper shape for the role. "I coach Robert for everything" . Rob pretty skinny guy, and we all know that he likes to miss a few beers, so his workout plan basically consists in obtaining forms in accordance with the role that he plays. If it is for the most part must be removed naked, in Cosmopolis, Bel Ami, or, it should not look too buyvolopodobnym.

"It all depends on what we need at the moment. This depends on whether he has enough free time and whether it is a pint or two of beer, and whether you want to drive away the layer of excess fat. Alternatively, it can be really very lean, and we need to add muscle mass. Throughout his career, he is constantly changing " , says Pasternak.

But what at Harley favorite part of working with Robert? "He's just a terrific guy" meets Harley. Source

Rob has recently finally gave up smoking. And it looks and feels healthier than ever before. Training helped him tremendously in his quitting. Sport and cigarettes just do not go hand in hand. Rob is now just a freak training and feels great. Pattinson copes without cigarettes, and decided to develop his lungs, plugging for this purpose trainer Harley Pasternak. And also come in good physical shape and stay in it.

Rob Harley, and have come a long way together, starting from the time when Rob was completely unknown. Rob always got good advice from Harley, whether it's training, health, or even his love life. 
Be that as it may, the main priority for Rob now is to bring the body into a super Shape up. Source

"He's trying to come to training as soon as he has the opportunity, so, sometimes, it takes five days a week" , recently told Us Weekly Pasternak. "It really goes to the target at full sail. He eats right, he trains it is not ... a fitness fanatic. He is not one who usually likes to play sports, but he just sort of got into the rhythm now. "
Thin actor has long expressed his desire to improve his form (though he never looked particularly out of uniform) but said that he never liked to work in the gym. In an interview for the Sunday Style in September, Pattinson said very nervous before going on the CD and does not feel confident in my body.

"I feel a ton of anxiety, until the release of the car when the alarm suddenly completely dissipated. But until then, I'm being crazy" , he told the magazine. "body dysmorphia, the overall huge concern. I think all of these concerns because I have not found a way to become selfish. I do not have six-pack, and I hate going to the gym. I was such a life. I do not want to take off his shirt . I would prefer to get drunk."

So, mission accomplished? On Wednesday, October 16, Robert Pattinson appeared in Hollywood and looked trained and in better shape than it was ever before. 27-year-old actor was dressed in a blue T-shirt, shorts and sneakers. Clothing is perfectly set off toned body actor.

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