October 18, 2013

Robert Pattinson: Nasty Coke rumor - U.S. press seals him to drug addiction

Robert Pattinson (27 ) had already endured a lot of nonsense, but the latest rumor from the U.S. is to couple the crown, and on top of that is pretty serious.

The tabloid, Star 'took it out to the ex - "Twilight" star to seal a distinct cocaine addiction. Allegedly Rob moved at 07 September, while he amused himself in the LA club "Viper Room", a line of cocaine in the nose in the VIP area. That was the night when he was spotted with his alleged new girlfriend Dylan Penn.

The editors of, star ' refers to so-called "eyewitnesses" who Rpattz to have seen at three different locations with coke.

"Rob took all night coke," the accusation. He tried to be careful by bringing the coke with a key from a bag , "but it still happened before the eyes of the other people in the room - and it looked as if he would know exactly what he's doing."

Robert Pattinson also had more celebrated wildly at the Chateau Marmont." Rob went several times alone with a bag of cocaine in the bathroom,"the source said. "He was nervous towards the end of the evening , anxious and defensive. He was paranoid that people are watching him."

During the evening, Rob would have wanted more and more of the stuff to keep the party never ends , said to have been transferred to the circuit in Pattinson's house.

The magazine concludes that Robert had to stop it, "hanging out with some people who do not care about his well being."

Of course, one never really knows what is in those messages on it, but the history of the infamous, star 'can probably conclude that it is once again the sick fantasies of a journalist.

The colleagues from, Gossip Cop' ,the story took on already and came to the conclusion that it is simply strange that only now is the alleged coke consumption of light ... more than a month later. There are no pictures, no other evidence. It is and will remain for the time being not more than one of the numerous rumors ...

source | translate by @rpattz_krisstew

ps: as my girlfriend told me today, I thought my pig whistles .. I've even read it then I had to laugh .. 
I just find it totally stupid to say something like that .. a month after the party was .. 
as you can see again that they currently have nothing to report, and some want someone to impute anything without thinking beforehand what might have followed allegations of such. 

I hope he's okay. no matter what he does ;)

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  1. I don't believe he would do hard drugs, I don't think Kristen would let that happen either, they are lie's, just mean old lies. Guene


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