January 13, 2014

German Release Date for Rosabotanica is clear

For the campaign of the new fragrance "Rosabotanica" of Balenciaga Kristen Stewart posing topless and only with flowers decorated for the camera. In the behind-the -scenes video she talks about the flowery perfume.

Even for the fragrance "Florabotanica" Balenciaga was Kristen Stewart (23 ) in front of the camera , and now they can also be seen in the new campaign of the successor "Rosabotanica". In a behind-the -scenes video from the shoot , which can be seen on Youtube, she talks about her personal feelings with the perfume. 
Kristen Stewart is not seen in the campaign above, only fanciful floral tendrils adorn her tender skin , while the perfume bottle adheres to the temple and dreamily looking at the camera. "It's about maintaining the history of the first perfumes," the actress says in the video. 
"It was very fresh and clean, but this is a little busier , it is as if they know the area so well that it seems at the moment , as the lens comes into play and is directed at them to say. 'I have been here for so long, who looks at me for now on?' " Kristen Stewart explains the concept of the photo shoot of "Rosabotanica" that of the "Florabotanica" is very similar. 
About the Blumenranken she says: "It looks like as if the vines begin to grow into it and be a part of it and it is very clear that she feels comfortable." The modeling falls Kristen Stewart never heavy.. "What I like about it - I did not have to turn into another person aim was to capture something natural When you feel as if you force something , or try something too much , made suddenly there is no more fun.
The new perfume "Rosabotanica" from Balenciaga with Kristen Stewart as testimonial comes on 29 January in the trade. He smells strongly of roses and has accents of hyacinth, fig leaves, grapefruit, pink pepper, patchouli and cardamom.

Source | via | translate by @RPattz_KrisStew

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