January 29, 2014

NEWS // Kristen Stewart is amused by their "Panic Room" red carpet look of 2002

Thrice guesses who it is here ... Right, Kristen Stewart. What the actress now says himself about their look from 2002, we tell you here:

After she appeared on "Twilight" premieres four years , Kristen Stewart is now an old hand when it comes to strolling on the red carpet. Though this was not always the case. From a photo , which she in March 2002 during their red carpet debut at the " Panic Room " premiere shows , Stewart is especially horrified. 

"This photo from my childhood is often shown with the motto: 'She was a child,' "She told the British " Marie Claire ". "I see me and think me only '. Shame you Oh ' " 

"I had these baby hairs that irritated me, so I just let them cut off . And I had these little things that peeped under my hair and behind my ears and wore a ridiculous outfit. I knew at that age absolutely not , how to dress , I did not even know what I was , " Kristen said about himself as a 12- year-old. " It's just funny to see these silly kid version , because instead of me to look at old school photos I see this red carpet photo. " 
Kristen Stewart modelt für „Into the Gloss”: Ich sah wie ein Junge aus 

The actress added: "This should not really be embarrassing to me , because I still was so young. But no matter how old you are , so what is a simply embarrassing. " 

Although she now works with a stylist , Stewart admits that she committed more errors on the red carpet . "Looking back, I think to myself that this or that had not been the right choice or that I have clearly not felt comfortable in my own skin ," she said . " But on the other hand, I liked it then and you should not regret it too much." 

And if you succeed in an outfit , it really succeeds . " Anyway, it's a great feeling when you wear the right outfit and can walk upright ," said Stewart, who campaigns for Balenciaga Rosabotanica fragrance " This is noticeable and which also falls on everyone. "


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