February 10, 2014

Portrait of the Berlinale Robert Pattinson is shown at the Exhibition of Gerard Kassner "Berlinale Porträts"

BERLIN  -  On the occasion of  64th  International Film Festival  Berlin Film  ( until 16  February  2014), the  official photographer  of the event ,  Gerhard  Kassner ,  present  at of exposure  ( " Berlinale  Porträts ")  portraits of  stars .  Following the closure  Recent  Hotel  Bogota ,  where  Kassner  shared  his photos  of the Festival  with the public  during 're three  years past ,  the  new exhibition space  will be the  cult bar  Kosmetiksalon  Babette  Berlin.  Exposure , after  the  day of its inauguration ,  will be extended until  16  February  in order to  include new  large portraits of  international stars  attending  this year  's Berlinale , accompanied  by  personal anecdotes  from the photographer.

In the 12  years that  Gerhard  Kassner  has  been  photographer  portrait  for the Festival ,  he  has captured the  pictures  of countless  famous directors and actors, both new to the business  known worldwide as:  his  work testifies both  the history of cinema as one  of the  Berlinale .  Though  sessions  pictures  last  between  3 and 5 minutes  ( sometimes even less ) ,  the results  are not less  technically  perfect , and  they convey  the approach  sincere of   Kassner  to  his models  and  his  great insight  to  capture the essence of  these models  used to  pose  in front of the  cameras , of  Hugh  Jackman ,  Jeff Bridges ,  Anne  Hathaway  to  Robert  Pattinson . 

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