May 24, 2014

Kristen Stewart: "I love films about making films"

Kristen talks working with Juliette Binoche & Jesse Eisenberg and playing an assistant in “Clouds of Sils Maria.”

Two years after On the Road by Walter Salles, Kristen Stewart rose, Friday, May 23, the steps of Cannes for her role in Sils Maria, Olivier Assayas. Masterful throughout, the star of the Twilight saga plays the assistant of a famous actress, played by Juliette Binoche.
How was the screening?Really well. This may be because I’m American, and we consider the cinema first as entertainment, but I do not think a film can so brazenly philosophical interest public of this size; Yet this was the case, I think.
With that played Moretz, your character embodies America in a film also very European … 
This is the first time I turn an entire movie in Europe , it’s true. There was talk for a while I play the role that is returned to Chloe. It would have been, I think, a mistake. I wanted to criticize , through my character, the consumption of massive false lives created by the press. When you think about it, this is a strange phenomenon that enriches person. Why we digress and culturally? Some of my lines reflect exactly what I think of this nonsense. Olivier found the right words.

What made ​​you accept the role? 
On the Road after he had produced, Charles convinced me that Oliver was the perfect director for me. The script I immediately packed. Olivier told me he had written without thinking of me. In fact, his gaze on the consumption of art was already there. Say that my presence just made some passages a little more exciting, because of my past experiences.
Did you know his movies? 
Sils Maria seems very different from his previous films, it is quiet and thoughtful. Juliette led him to write two generations of women artists - what they renounce to live their art and what they receive in return.
This is a filmmaker who filmed beautifully movement … He orchestrates his scenes carefully, but I’ve never felt bullied in my dice investments . I had the feeling of dancing with the chief operator, who caught up with me whenever I went away too much of what was expected. The shooting was very free, fluid and serene. This is what makes the scenes even more dramatic, to live to the full.
A word about your collaboration with Juliette Binoche? 
Oh my God, as are so different! She keeps repeating. For my part, I learn my lines twenty minutes before each scene. We, she and I, a similar background; but our way of reaching is radically different.
You are surrounded by a crowd of assistants. Have you inspired them to your role? 
I had so much! This is a very interesting dynamic. A From the moment my character realizes she only respond to requests, but can give more of herself, she goes. I saw professional relationships disintegrate so. It’s sad, because it is a tough job, which consumes you day and night. I love films about making films.
In “Maps to the Stars,” David Cronenberg, in competition at Cannes, Robert Pattinson plays the assistant of a movie star. Have you seen?Not yet! I’ll do .
Five years after “Adventureland”, you will find Jesse Eisenberg in “American Ultra” Nima Nourizadeh … 
Jesse and I have a great relationship. We are not afraid to show our nervousness. It is a very commercial action comedy, but we took it seriously. I think what my character in Sils Maria: if it is well done, a commercial film can touch a chord in you. This is not always the case most pretentious films.



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