May 18, 2014

New/Old Photos of Kristen In Nashville

Kristen Stewart has apparently love again . But not in Robert Pattinson , but rather in a baby goat. While the actress recently tried his hand as a director, she could apparently also make acquaintance with animal rotating partners.

Kristen Stewart ( 24) seems also to love in addition to their three dogs, other animal pets . During the filming of the music video "Take Me to the South " by the band " Sage + The Saints" , where the ex-girlfriend of Robert Pattinson (28) first attempted as a director, the actress got a little goat know . And apparently could not be taken differently than the white- brown mini Bovidae on the arm and once durchzuknuddeln Kstew . This at any rate proves a snapshot , the distillery in Tennessee has uploaded to Facebook .

"We have taken Kristen Stewart during her directing debut in the still. We are proud to announce that the video is finally finished and will be published shortly ," according to the official site of the "Short Mountain Distillery " next to the sweet Facebook snapshot , rather cuddle on the place with Robert Pattinson Kristen with a baby goat.

What will play a role for the animal in the music video , however, is not yet known . Although there were yesterday already a short teaser for the shooting, but the complete work has not been published yet. Kristen Stewart is shown, however at their best . She laughed a lot and seemed to be in her role as a director well please. That leaves the interesting question whether the result is a success.

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