May 18, 2014

Reverses Kristen Stewart Hollywood his back?

Last shot of the beautiful "Twilight " star one film after another. The Kristen Stewart was apparently too much : you will now shift down one gear and focus on your own projects.

With numerous projects in the diary of Kristen Stewart is currently supposedly completely overloaded. Probably a reason why the beautiful on / off girlfriend of Robert Pattinson apparently wants to indulge in a creative break for her new flick "American Ultra" . Full of her film career, may not adopt Kristen Stewart ( 24) , however . The "Rolling Stone" says the Elapsed Robert Pattinson However: "I work recently insanely much I definitely need a break to orient my mind again. . " A clear statement , but then again immediately relativized Kristen Stewart : "If I bring so much time , then there must be something for which I would die. " Currently Kstew does not seem picky when it comes to role offer. So it was not just "American Ultra " but also for " The Big Shoe ", " Clouds of Sils Maria " or " Camp X - Ray " in front of the camera. Other projects are in the works .
Own short films in planning

The "American Ultra" star has also been a clear idea of ​​what might end the creative break. "There are some short films that I have written and want to make sure ," says Kristen Stewart. "I'll possibly mess up a few times. Usually you can throw stuff at a wall and see what stuck . You do not have people who stare at you and say , ' Kstew makes a movie! ' This is embarrassing . " Therefore, the conclusion: "I have to find out who I want to work . "

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