May 24, 2014

Robert talks about Twilight and its time afterwards in the German Bravo [Interview]


The "Twilight " saga is almost two years past, tells the romantic love story of Bella and Edward to end. No more heartache, no fights to the death. Sigh ! Millions of fans would most like to turn back time. But he makes them a spanner in the works: Robert Pattinson. The 28 -year-old protagonist is even happy about the end of bloodsucker movies!
"I think the era of the vampires is over. And that's good," laughs the smart Brit . How now? Ironically, the "Twilight" hero will no longer be a vampire?
Dabie was Rob as Edward Cullen but overnight mega star, earning millions and cleared a lot of prices from ! And now he wants to know anything more?
"I've spent the last few years to be someone I 'm not already came out as the second part , I knew: I 'm going to need the next ten years to get back to being myself."
The Hollywood hottie arrived with the vampire hype not clear was totally depressed! Even as 2008, the first part of "Twilight" [ Bis (s ) zum Morgengrauen ] was released, his life changed completely. Just go time with friends eating a pizza - was not more! Wherever the shy Englishman appeared he was suddenly besieged by fans and photographers.
"Everyone wanted at all costs to take pictures of me, and I could not help it. There were moments where I wanted to kill the paparazzi real." Rob suffered totally under the constant observation. Also Hater caused him stress! "I was dissed for years because of my role. That's what my ego hurt pretty !"
As it 2012 then even his great love Kristen Stewart with director Rupert Sanders ( 43) cheating, the Selbstzweifler got bigger. The relationship with the 24 -year-old was beyond saving. The actor Edward was totally exhausted, numbed with drugs and alc Only with new film offers finally came back his confidence. Now the actor turns only what they want to aer - whether blockbuster, low-budget project. The vampire - stress is finally over ! But even if the time was not always easy - he can not forget them anyway :
"Nothing happens without a reason. Least I can someday make money with it, when " Twilight " to write - Converntions autographs!"
he laughs. Typical Robert! Since flashes through his black British humor. But even if he never becomes a vampire: For us Fans he remains immortal as Edward!

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